Thursday, November 17, 2016


Well.  Sometimes you start a project with a specific end goal in mind, but circumstances happen and then you end up with something even better.  Haha.  Would you like me to explain what I'm talking about?  We had this shoot with Ally planned and the whole point was to show you 4 different make-up looks so that when it comes time for your senior pictures, you'll be better educated on what you like and what to ask for from our rockstar make-up artists.  Good idea, right!?  It least I think so. Haha. ;)  But the day of our shoot, it was ugly out.  It really was.  Not much sun, everything is dead, so it's just brown, and it was WINDY.  Not ideal for super cool, close-up, make-up shots.  So instead we decided to stay inside in the studio.  But I can't show you how make-up will photograph outside with pictures taken in the studio.  It just doesn't work that way.  The make-up that you see in these pictures would look like waaaaaaay less make-up outside in natural light.  The lighting is just very different from the studio to the natural, outdoor light.

So.  To summarize.  What you are seeing today is a super fun studio photo shoot that was just that - FUN.  I adore Ally and I think these photos of her are such a great representation of her glamorous and fantastic personality.  She's amazing, you guys!!!  And also as you scroll down through these images, take a minute to really appreciate the incredible make-up artistry of Nicole Toledo.  She wows me every. single. time.  ENJOYYYYYY!

Model: Ally Keeling, Lakewood High School
Photographer: Stacey Kyler
MUA:  Nicole Toledo

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