Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Denver Fashion Photographer: Disney's Frozen Inspired Fashion Photo Shoot

This entire photo shoot should be credited to my 4-year old niece, Lola. :)  She asked me to take her to see the movie Frozen and starting about 15 minutes into the movie, I couldn't think of anything besides wanting to do a photo shoot inspired by this beautiful movie and its two main characters, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.  As we drove home after the movie and Lola's precious little voice sang "Let it Go, Let it Go" at the top of her lungs it was obvious that a movie that had inspired a toddler had also inspired this woman.  I've had dreams for a very long time of shooting fashion photography, but have been scared to push my limits for the fear of failing.  It was time to let go of that fear and see what I was capable of doing.

As I was putting the shoot together, I knew that I didn't want to recreate exact duplicates of the characters.  Instead, I wanted to pull inspiration from them, but in a new and fresh way.  If Elsa and Anna lived in 2014, what would they look like?  How would they dress?  I can say with utmost certainty that I could not have done this without the genius artistic skills of Heather Baker (Make-Up by Heather B), Jade Darrough (hair stylist at Jua Salon in Denver), and Tasha Green (Stylist).  They brought my dream to life and I am so unbelievably grateful.  And then my models, I mean, for real...they were more than I could have dreamed up.  Sabrina and Tisa, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for not only being beautiful on the outside, but for being GORGEOUS on the inside.  I'm proud to showcase your beauty because I know it's so much more than skin deep.  There are little girls who will never forget getting to meet and see Queen Elsa and Princess Anna on their trip to the ice castle. :)  I also want to thank Jennifer Dean for traveling with me and assisting me the entire day as well as Tiffany Jones for allowing us to use her home in Breckenridge for hair and make-up!!

So here it is...a dream and a piece of my heart...

I've also been experimenting with some fun fashion edits.  While I'm still working on them, here is a little taste to give you an idea of where I'm heading with this style...

Models: Sabrina Ballard and Tisa Gray
Photography: Stacey Kyler
Make-Up Artist: Heather Baker (Make-Up by Heather B)
Hair Stylist: Jade Darrough (Jua Salon)
Fashion Stylist: Tasha Green
Photo Assistant: Jennifer Dean

Denver Senior Photographer: Jonelle's Colorado Session | September H.S. | Class of 2014

Good morning!!!  I have been so incredibly anxious to publish this blog post of the absolutely stunning Jonelle.  I'm so in love with her photos, but I was also excited about it because her wonderful Mom took a bunch of behind the scenes photos to capture the experience of her day.  When her Mom emailed me all of those behind the scenes images I thought it would be super fun to show you some of them and then the finished images as well!

Jonelle chose the Colorado Package, which means that she got both a photo shoot in the fall (you can see those images HERE) and then another session in the winter.  Before I get started with the images, I just have to say something about Jonelle.  This girl is so amazing.  I'm not even positive she knows exactly how amazing she is or how much potential she has at her fingertips.  I can tell you that she is going to be crazy successful in whatever she chooses to do after high school.  Jonelle is incredibly artistic and is super talented at pottery and art in general.  She is gorgeous on the outside (obviously), but she has the true kind of beauty that radiates from the inside out, which you can easily see just by looking at her eyes in these pictures.  Jonelle, I feel so fortunate to have met you.  Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your senior year.  I will never forget you, that I can promise you!!! :)

I think this is the best behind the scenes image to start with...every girl walking through snow in cowboy boots with no traction needs a little help from her friends. :) This is Jonelle and I with Jennifer, who did Jonelle's hair and came on location with us.

Haha!!  This image below cracks me up.  This is what happens when your photographer is sometimes also get a quad workout when I need you to come down to my level!!!

But the result is TOTALLY worth it!!!....

This next series are my absolute favorite images of Jonelle.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may remember me saying that I squealed when I took this photo.  This is why...

I wish I could tell you what I'm doing here, but I'm at a loss.  Dancing, I guess. Hahaha!

Will you allow me a moment just to talk about these two ladies?  Tami and Jennifer are the absolute best kind of people.  They are my friends and co-workers, but most importantly they are selfless women who make the experience that the senior girls have one that they will never forget.  I could honestly cry sitting here thinking about how much they love the girls and how much they bless me to watch them work.  Tami and Jennifer, I love you with all my heart and I truly couldn't or wouldn't want to do this without you!!

Senior: Jonelle McClure
Photographer: Stacey Kyler
Hair Stylist: Jennifer Dean
Make-Up Artist: Erin Frost
Photo Assistant: Tami Courtney