Wednesday, May 10, 2017


As an artist, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is a creative shoot for absolutely no reason at all.  It's amazing how having no expectations on you can really set you free to just...create.  I looooove these type of shoots.  It's my heart, really.  And the crazy thing is that I feel almost vulnerable putting this type of work out for the world to see because you know that I didn't create what the client wanted or what I thought people would buy.  I just created it because it's what was in me.  I can't thank these girls enough for agreeing to be a part of this shoot.  It was incredibly cold and windy up there that day and they never complained and just made the best of it.  I'm proud to know and work with such tough girls. :)  Also a huge thank you to Nicole Toledo (MUA) and Annji Manderscheid (hair) for being amazing and so very talented.

Models: Kalee McArthur, Grace Machovina, Natasha Wells, & Gwen Webster
Photographer: Stacey Kyler
Hair: Annji Manderscheid, Instagram: @muahbyannji

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