Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Denver Senior Photographer: 2015 Senior Model Anya Dushinski Introduction

There are a zillion reasons why I love my job.  I get to be creative, I set my own schedule, I get to work outside a ton, I get to talk about fashion and clothes and make-up, and I get to play a role in capturing the beauty of every senior girl I photograph.  Above all of that, however, I love my job because of the incredible girls that I get to work with and get to know.  I am constantly blown away by the quality young women who enter my life through this job of photography.

My 2015 Senior Models are such an incredible representation of what I just described.  They are, funny, witty, talented, confident, and beautiful girls.  I want to start introducing you to each of these models in the days ahead. 

Today, please allow me the honor of introducing you to Anya, who will be a 2015 graduating senior at Golden High School.  Grab a Starbucks and sit back and be entertained by the adorableness of Anya...

Q: What do you like to spend your free time doing?
A: I spend my free time dancing on horses, and there is nothing more magical in the whole wide world.

Q: Paint me a picture of what your life will be like at age 30.
A: At age 30 I will most definitely be a mother to the two coolest kids in the history of ever and married to Prince Charming.  Our family will be completed by a few loving, selfless puppy dawgs, of course, and we will all reside in our beautiful, cozy home in the foothills (or maybe on a beach somewhere).  We'll be able to afford this dream home, thanks to my amazing discovery in the chemistry field.  (Said discovery is yet to be determined.)  Every chance we get, we will escape the limits of our own residence and travel the world!  And best of all, the four of us will live happily ever after.

Q: If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?
A: I would be a dog! They love unconditionally without any hesitation, they're incredibly intelligent and skilled, and they're so freaking cute.

Q: Describe your perfect date night.
A: Hmmm... The perfect date... This is a hard one because it totally depends on who the date is with! However, I would have to say that I love a good, fun, easy hike on a really beautiful day, especially a hike that I can bring my dog on.  Then lunch and ice cream at the end. :)

Q: Pretend you wrote a book and you have to write your biography for the back cover.  What would it say?
A: Anya Dushinski.  One extraordinary individual, the nickname given to her by her grandfather from day one.  While her life may appear like that of any other teenage girl from the outside... Once let into her world, one is able to experience the overwhelming love and affection from her beautiful family, incredible opportunities she is blessed with everyday, and most importantly the magical sensation of dancing on horses.  Really and truly an EXTRA-out-of-the-ordinary-individual.

Q: What are your three favorite restaurants in the Denver area?
A: Oooooo gosh.  I could go on forever.  1. Iyowama Sushi in Littleton (because that's where I spend the most time with my family! Not really sure how to spell the name of the restaurant, we just call it "Lee's".  Whoops!)  2. Earl's in Cherry Creek (because have you been in there? It's beautiful!)  
3. Basically any little hole-in-the-wall breakfast place my dad and I can find in our sweats on the weekends. :)

Q: If you could give advice to the girls who are going to be freshman in high school next year, what would it be?
A: Let it go!  Nothing is as life altering as it seems to be at the time.  Distance yourself from the problem, and you will see things infinitely clearer.  High school gets SO much better so keep on trucking.  Oh, and get good grades while it's still relatively easy.

Q: What has been your favorite part about working with Stacey Kyler thus far?
A: STACEY IS AWESOME!!  She is so much fun to work with, and makes you feel like a million bucks every interaction you have with her.  The experience is what this whole thing is about, and Stacey is nothing short of the whole package.  She truly rocks my socks off.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Denver Senior Photographer: Fashion Friday (Overalls Are Baaaaack!!)

It's Fashion Friday and sometimes I just get in the mood to do something a little out of the box and fun. :)  Kenzie, Allison and Becky are three of my rock star 2015 Senior Models and agreed to help me show you some of the many ways you can wear overalls, which are most definitely one of the hottest trends for this spring/summer!

Meet Kenzie!! This beauty will be a 2015 senior at Denver School of the Arts.  I don't know about you, but the beach is calling my name right about now.  Absolutely love how these overall shorts paired with a colorful and fun printed bandeau is the perfect look for the beach!

Introducing Becky, who will be a 2015 senior at Evergreen H.S.  Becky is rocking two of my favorite things...turquoise and overalls.  Again, we paired this with a fun printed crop top, which is also an extremely popular trend for this summer!

And finally, meet Allison!!  Allison will also be a 2015 senior at Evergreen H.S.  Personally, this is probably my favorite outfit.  I love the long skinny jean overall paired with the punk graphic tee and a colorful bandeau.  The high top heels are such a fun flare to finish this look off!

Who knew that overalls could be chic?  Coupled with a heel and fun, sparkly accessories (my favorite is gold), you can rock a night on the town.  Again, we paired this outfit with a cute crop top.

 Still sticking with the overall theme, yet another big trend this year is mixing denims like you see on Becky.  Folding down your overalls will totally change up your look!

Last but certainly not least, a casual but cute dressed up overall.  This is the perfect look for going out with your girlfriends to dinner or the mall!

So there you go!  Six totally different ways to wear your overalls this spring and summer.  To find overalls similar to the ones you've seen here...

Long skinny overalls: Nordstrom BP
Jean overall shorts: Pac Sun and H&M
Turquoise overall shorts: Pac Sun

I'd love to see the outfits you put together with your overalls.  Tag @staceykylerseniors on Instagram so I can check them out!!