Friday, May 27, 2016

Denver Senior Photographer: Colorado Session | Maraena Black | Chariton High School | Class of 2017

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope everyone is pumped to be out of school for the summer...I'm sure you are! :)  I'm so excited to post this blog for you today.  Maraena is a senior at Chariton High School, which is outside of Des Moines, Iowa.  She and her family have been friends of mine since...well, since before Maraena was born.  So needless to say, she is so special to me.  I was incredibly honored that Maraena wanted to come to Denver to have her senior pictures done.  Maraena's mom, Jennifer, is also a photographer, so we shot her session together which, as always, was a blast.  Maraena, I love you dearly and I can't even begin to fathom all the success you are going to have in your lifetime.  Any patient who ends up with you as their nurse will be so lucky and very well taken care of. :)  Enjoy!...

Model: Maraena Black, Chariton High School, Class of 2017
Photographer: Stacey Kyler
MUA: Alli Beach

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