Friday, April 15, 2016

Denver Senior Photographer: Colorado Session | Emily Jones | Lakewood High School | Class of 2016

Happy Friday, friends!!  So I've told you before that Colorado sessions are my very favorite.  I love winter, I love shooting in the snow, and I really love that the girls break out of the norm of what senior photos should be and do something fun and different!  I always secretly hope that it snows during the shoot.  Emily felt the same way and she was really hoping it would snow for her late March Colorado session.  Well, we both got our wish...and in a MAJOR way!!  Hahaha.  Usually our snow is dry, light and fluffy.  Not this time.  Not. At. All.  It came down hard, was sooooooo wet, and was accompanied by some serious wind.  But I have to tell you, Emily handled it with some incredible grace and the very best attitude.  You can pout over the situation or you can just have fun with it and Emily had a blast!!  (And that comes through loud and clear in her images.)  If I'm being honest, this shoot will go down as the worst conditions I've ever shot in, but at the same time I'll remember it forever as one of my favorites and most fun. 

Emily, you are just the best.  It has been so fun meeting and getting to know you this year.  I'm so excited for you and your college career at CSU.  They are lucky to have you. :)

Ok, I had to include this one because it really gives you an accurate understanding of the conditions.  Haha!! :) ...

Model: Emily Jones, Lakewood High School
Photographer: Stacey Kyler,
MUA: Alli Beach
Hair Stylist: Jennifer Dean
Assistant: Alison Valdez

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Denver Senior Photographer: Class of 2017 Model Team, 80's Themed Photo Shoot

You's April.  I seriously can't believe it and I can't believe all of my 2016 seniors will be graduating next month.  It's CRAZY!!  But, in an effort to not get too sappy, let's move right on past me gushing about how proud I am of all of them, how excited I am to be seeing their social media posts about where they have committed to go to college, etc, etc.  Sigh.  

So let's talk Class of 2017, shall we!?!!!!!!  I pulled together 3 of my Model Team members for a super fun styled photo shoot this last weekend.  And speaking of it being April, oh my word, we had the most GORGEOUS spring day for this shoot.  It was the absolute perfect day to be outside - sunshine, very little wind, warm but not too hot, and in pure Denver fashion, no humidity.  Ideal.

I kind of hate to admit it (because it makes me sound old), but I grew up in the 80's.  I had the most fun shopping for and styling this photo shoot.  I felt like I was dressing teenager Stacey...although I was NEVER this cool.  I could not have hand picked 3 more perfect models for this shoot.  Myriah, Emma, and Ally were incredible and sooooo much fun!  And can I please give the biggest shout out to Nicole Toledo (make-up artist) and Jennifer Dean (hair stylist) for their brilliance!?!!!  For real, they knocked it out of the park on this one and I'm so proud to be on the same team as such talented and wonderful women.

So without further ado, here are my 80's girls!!!... :)

Models: Ally Keeling, Lakewood High School
Myriah Pitt, Golden High School
Emma Markovich, Golden High School
Photographer: Stacey Kyler,
Hair Stylist: Jennifer Dean
Assistant: Sophia Beierle