Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Denver Fashion Photographer: Winter Styled Shoot

Put me in a room with the best and most talented team on the planet.  Add in some new and different styling that is outside of the "normal" box, put a camera in my hands, AND let me work outside in the snow.  Heaven.  Pure heaven.  The fashion world is something I'm trying to break into and because I have such a passion for it, sometimes doing shoots like this one just for fun really feeds my creative soul.  

Can I be honest with you and say that I'm really proud of these photos?  I can't explain the feeling of having an artistic vision and then watching my team make it happen.  I shared my vision with Tasha and she instantly got it.  We styled this shoot together and shopping for all the wardrobe and accessories was seriously the most fun!!  Tasha is sooooo talented!  And then I showed Heather and Jennifer two pictures to give them a place to start and then let them do their thing.  I mean...seriously. They blow me away!!!  And last, but certainly not least, my amazing friend Sabrina is my favorite model in the universe.  In my book, there is no one better.  I'd work with this girl every day of her life if she would let me...partly because she's so incredible, but mainly because I love her to the moon and back and adore spending time with her. :)  

The inspiration behind this shoot was a young woman in post-apocolypic times.  Alone and having to protect herself, she becomes a bit of hoarder, collecting clothing items and other things along her journey to keep her safe.  I think we all can relate to her character a bit.  We know what it feels like to be alone and scared.  But what I love most about what Sabrina did with this character was add a fierceness and a strength to her.  We can be alone and scared in a situation, but when we know where our true strength comes from, we can conquer.

Photographer: Stacey Kyler  www.staceykyler.com
Model: Sabrina Ballard
MUA: Heather Baker  www.makeupbyheather.com
Hair Stylist: Jennifer Dean
Styled by: Stacey Kyler and Tasha Green

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