Friday, November 20, 2015

Denver Senior Photographer: Emily Serafini, Denver East High School, Class of 2016

Today's featured senior is Emily Serafini, a 2016 senior at East High School!  I love this girl.  I love her independence, her confidence in who she is, and I especially love her sarcastic sense of humor!  She's so easy going and just a joy to be around.  Emily, THANK YOU for choosing me to be your senior photographer.  I had the best time working with you and am soooooo glad I had the honor of getting to know you!  

Describe yourself in a tweet (140 characters or less): I have a very sarcastic humor.  I'm very passionate about traveling, seeing new sights and having really good work ethic.  I can't wait to see what's in store for my future!!

What is your definition of beauty?: The art of beauty is being confident in how you look and not caring what others think of you.  As long as you believe you are beautiful, you truly are beautiful.

What song would give us the greatest insight into you?:
Toes - Zac Brown Band
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
I also like rap, so here's to Gagsta's Paradise - Coolio

What is your best joke/pun?:  What does a noisy pepper do?  Get's JALAPEƑO business.

What's the greatest board game ever invented?: LIFE

As a child, what was the first thing you remember wanting to be when you grew up?: I wanted to be a veterinarian.

What were your first words? Do they say anything about the person you are today?:  My first word was Dad.  I always cherish the time I spend with him!

Who is your favorite Disney princess? Why?: I love Mulan obviously because she is a strong, independent young woman who will go against society's rules and fight for her family's honor.  However, she is is tied with Aurora because I love her voice and the music in Sleeping Beauty.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?  With who?  Doing what?:  I would be at a deserted beach in Mexico with Me, Myself, and I.  Just sitting on the beach with my toes in the warm sand, enjoying the water and soaking up the sun.

Finish this sentence: I may be stuck on a deserted island, but at least I have my...

Share one last thing with us...
I love my lacrosse team and we are definitely going to state this year!  Long live the brotherhood!

Model: Emily Serafini
Photographer:  Stacey Kyler
MUA:  Tasha Green
Hair & Assistant:  Jennifer Dean

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