Thursday, May 22, 2014

Denver Senior Photographer: 2015 Senior Model Gabrielle Fick Introduction

Today it is my honor to introduce you to 2015 Senior Model, Gabrielle Fick!  Gabrielle will be a senior at Golden High School.  I had so much fun with Gabrielle and her Mom at her model shoot and I can't wait for her senior session in June!!  This girl is beautiful inside and out, such a caring person while at the same time being incredibly fun and spunky.  It's such a joy to have her on the team this year!!!  

Q to Gabrielle: What do you like to spend your free time doing?
A: I love being with my amazing friends and loving family!  I'm a people person, so I'm always happiest with my closest friends by my side!  Cliche' I know... ;)  I also love nature,so I'm always creating excuses to go outside.  But one of my favorite activities would have to be hiking, despite my fear of heights!

Q: Paint me a picture of what your life will be like at age 30.
A: When I'm 30, I probably will have graduated from CU Boulder or some posh school in California where I got a degree in Psychology.  After, I imagine myself as a psychologist because the way the mind and people work really intrigues me.  I'm a great listener and I love helping people so doing both at the same time would honestly be pretty perfect!  I would probably end up marrying Zac Efron (who I met while studying abroad in Europe where he was shooting a movie) and we would live in Hawaii in our beach house.  I will have 2 kids.  One boy and one girl.  They will be the greatest kids ever.  I will also have many, many dogs.  Oh, and of course a pet pig named Wilfred as well as a pygmy marmoset by the name of Hercules.  I have given this a lot of thought.

Q: If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?
A: A mouse, duh!  (Mean Girls reference)  Just kidding, I would be a dolphin.  Who wouldn't love to swim in the ocean all day long?

Q: Describe your perfect date night.
A: I'm definitely a hopeless romantic, so a perfect date night would probably be something like watching the stars on a summer night and talking all night long (with ice cream of course!!)  Dinner is nice, but too cliche'...I'd rather do something extraordinary!

Q: Pretend you wrote a book and you have to write your biography for the back cover.  What would it say?
A: Gabrielle -- A very clumsy and shy person who is very quiet until - BAM - one day, this timid girl turns an absolute crazy and quirky girl who loves to laugh.  Gabrielle loves with all her heart and tries to make everyone feel understood.  But watch out, once you befriend this one, she'll never let you go.

Q: What are your three favorite restaurants in the Denver area?
A: I pretty much love all food.  But if I had to choose, Le Central in Denver is amazing!  For a more casual place with great pizza, The Oven in Belmar is also really good!  But my all time favorite restaurant would have to be Fontenot's in Winter Park.  Their fried shrimp is pretty much heaven on a plate.  Pretty much.

Q: What has been your favorite thing about working with Stacey Kyler thus far?
A: Let me just say this straight...Stacey is AMAZING!  Absolutely every time I have worked with her has been so fun.  Stacey makes you feel truly special and beautiful.  Plus, let's just all admit it, her photography skills are INCREDIBLE!  I mean, just look at her pictures!  Very rarely do you come across a photographer who is great at what she/he does and makes the experience very enjoyable at the same time.

Q: If you could give advice to the girls who are going to be freshman in high school next year, what would it be?
A: My advice to girls would be to just let go and have fun.  Stop pretending to be someone you're not just to impress people who will mean nothing to you in 5 years!  Find your real friends and stick to them!  Be who you are and don't let anyone try and change you.

Model: Gabrielle Fick
MUA: Heather Baker
Hair Stylist: Jennifer Dean
Photo Assistant: Melia Black

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